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ID Inquiries Ltd

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Public Sector

Corporate Services

ID’s corporate services are divided into the following sections:

  • Conventional Inquiries, observations or surveillance which are used to secure statements or acquire evidence.
  • Computer Forensic Services.
  • Asset Tracing and Protection Services.
  • The Special Operations Department which devises bespoke responses when conventional investigations are inappropriate. The department creates a unique strategy to deliver results using a variety of techniques which can include physical or technical surveillance and undercover placement.

The ID Corporate Team is staffed by hand-picked personnel who have a proven track record of delivering special operations at the highest level in the police and military services around the world. ID successfully harnesses these uniquely-experienced and highly-skilled staff to solve complex corporate problems.

Our teams of investigators bring their long experience and deep knowledge to our conventional Inquiries having worked on complex cases which include international fraud and high-profile murder cases.

ID also operates a bespoke database for large-scale inquiries, which have included such sensitive cases as the pre-trial preparation for the Lockerbie terrorist trial. This database allows information from a wide variety of disparate sources to be linked and cross-checked.

We have a proven track of creating strategies to solve corporate issues by identifying areas of vulnerability and attacking and neutralising problems. Once a strategy is agreed with a client, we form a Strategy Group, made up of our experts and representatives of the client. Every operation is monitored by this group and no changes are made without agreement from all sides.

Once a desired outcome is delivered, ID also provides advice on adjustments to systems and procedures to prevent a problem from recurring. In almost all cases ID also brings “added value” by identifying issues of which the client was unaware. These issues often cause unnecessary expenditure or losses or can leave clients vulnerable from bad working practices. This “added value” often generates savings that cover the cost of implementing the whole of the strategy.